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The H4H Bounty HuntersEdit

The H4H Bounty Hunters, often abreviated to The Hunters, are a group of soldiers dedicated to annihalating H4H from Little Big Planet. They are lead under leejk30 (shadow-man100) and godman2k7 and are allied with the agents. Together The Hunters and The Agents stopped H4H and won the war. ----Edited by m88yongling, original page by Stryker Justice


in late 2008 leejk30 made the H4H bounty hunters. ( after he abandoned his previous group the silver eagles ) over the next year the bounty hunters would gain many allies. the agents, the hawks etc. but also leejk30 accidentally enraged heckboy88. a member of his bounty hunters ( delboy102 ) would annoy leejk constantly. leaving the bounty hunters rejoining etc. eventually delboy would join heckboy88, betraying the bounty hunters later on. leejk and his recently aquired ally ( m88youngling leader of the agents ) finally stopped delboy102 and he joined the agents. however things got out of hand later on. barneytremwoc betrayed the bounty hunters and declared war on the LBP union ( run by godman2k7 ). several weeks later barneytremwoc became stryker-justice ( one of leejk's most hated enemies ) early in 2010 leejk30 became shadow-man100. he is still running the H4H boutny hunters with his 2nd in command godman2k7. the union and groups connected to the union are currently attempting to track down a new version of shadow's old group. the silver eagles who are threatening the union.