The Union... No one really knows about this section... it's not all about H4H war stuff...Definetly NOT made by me... but by someone called godman2k7..

The UnionEdit

The Union is a group that connects many other groups to keep the peace in LBP. As I said it's not just one group but a conection. The leader says it's like The European Union on LBP.(yeah right)� It's lead by Godman2k7. he does not have wikia acount. The Union hasn't been made yet but is almost ready. There are several Ranking standards such as Union Access Levels 1 through 3. Level 2 is my favorite. it contains the Union Task Force, or U.T.F.

Allys and moreEdit

The Allys of the Union are Leejk30,M88youngling,DELBOY102,BarneyTremwoc,and others. More on the Union is hard to find and is listed here. Searching Union on the LBP search Shall get you nothing but random levels. if you know about the Union please Edit this page. Thanks.

The ElectionEdit

What lies in store for the union? no one knows, but somthing is happening right now that is foreshadowing a future event. Godman2k7 made many mistakes. He Kicked out people for not thinking like him and wouldn't� represent groups that needed to be in the Union. This started a election for a New Union President to impeach Godman. The cadidates were m88youngling, stryker-justice, and godman2k7. m88youngling had gotten fed up with the Union's poor government, and his agents and other allies are considering starting a new Union.

But Justice Prevailed In the End. Stryker saw the error of his ways and fought,not for himself, but for Godman. Eventually people saw he was a fit governor and reinstated him.

The Union on the Web Edit

The LittleBIGWorkshop thread created by godman2k7 introducing the Union was closed due to flaming (meaningless off-topic insulting) in 5 pages/12 days. Most of this flaming was due to Heckboy being annoyed that leejk30 stole his clan name. Some opposed to the Union use this thread to illustrate that the Union's founding members cannot sort out differences intelligently and resort to flaming simply because they cannot provide a comprehensive argument to support their cause. This could also be said to highlight the fact that the Union has no clear priorities because it's members seem to care more about trivial matters than their 'supposed' ultimate goal of making LBP a better place.