You Should read the other articles in this Wiki before reading this, most information that you may not understand is listed in those places. Other Groups in LBP can Vary. Most have no affiliation with H4H. these are known as Ghost Hound,Littlebigcult of Rapture, others

Tension Between GroupsEdit

These groups never ussualy fight or make alliances, but somtimes they start growing tensions, and lead to war. Wars on LBP are Commen. They are more like arguments than Wars. These tensions can be a member of a group arguing with andother member of a different group. this leads to leaders growing tension between eachother of they're members, and start to argue.


Some groups make alliances and last for very long periods. They make defensives for eachother and fight as if they were one group. if you have your own group and or are thinking of making one here are some tips: 1. make a keycard to send to your members. helps with secrets but watch out for double agents. 2.Make a Allys and Enemys managment. helps to know what your up against. 3.ENJOY LBP!

Peace for PeaceEdit

This group falls into a different type of catagory. Peace for peace, (also know as P4P.) is a group of many players wanting to end the H4H conflict both ways instead of one. They want both sides to maek peace.� A Famous P4Per� Is scorpitom335. He was somtimes claimed by other groups such as The Union, to be manipulative and trying to control The Agents made by m88youngling. This is not true. The leader of the Origina Union hated P4P, and this ended up being a reason most people wanted a election for a new president.