The History of LittleBigPlanet is a hard one. look bellow for you expanded secrets..

LittleBigPlanet is Created!Edit

LittleBigPlanet started somtime in November in 2008. From there on the dates lead to early Feburary in 2009, which was the start of the H4H war in a Section of Grouped creators. Sometime later they grew to most of the sections of LBP. We now skip down to the Begining of a new LBP Era, m88youngling stops the Hitlist War between Vastet and Scorpitom335, H4Her Vrs Anti in August 2009. Scorpitom335 took m88youngling's word by the war was silly, and ended the war peacefuly leaving Vastet as just a speck of dust...After that Scorpitom335 wasn't Anti H4H anymore and formed a group with M88youngling called the Agents. H4H percentages were down and were only at 20%. Anti H4Hers did not see this so they contiued bullying. eventualy m88youngling convinced some of his anti h4h allys that the war in their section was the worst Section, and convinced them the War had ended a long time ago but they kept fighting which made it worse. this happned in November 2009. What comes next for our hero's?

What happens next?Edit

The War in that Section may be over, but what happnes next to make a big turn in this adventure is you. Choose a side, and you may see the effects... good or bad... depending on your point of view.