H4H, the one thing most of us don't know about. what is this strange thing you hae been seeing in the community and even on your own levels? Well, it's time you knew..

H4H in GeneralEdit

H4H was a huge epidemic across the whole of LittleBigPlanet. (LBP) if you are using this on your Plastation3, you may notice the list of trophies you can earn for the game. H4h cheats those trophies. they make levels that allow you to get trophies easy or in 2 minutes! H4H stands for Heart For Heart. They are named that by them 'exchanging hearts.' There are many people against this called 'Anti H4H.' anti H4H are real bullys. they organise groups and upload mean pictures on H4H levels. They post mean comments on H4H levels. Some of them are nice, but around 60% of Anti H4Hers are bullys. in my opinion, never become H4H or bully Anti H4H. H4H really takes out the fun in the game and the creativity. besides you'd go looking for trouble because the bully anti H4Hers would, well, bully you. Bully Anti H4H are just those Cyber Bully guys your mom has told you about to never go online. for more information go to Anti H4H section.

Although many believe H4H is cheating and not in the spirit of LBP, others regard it as an efficient or clever way to gain trophies such as the create trophy.

Regognising H4H in your communtityEdit

Finding H4H is easy. regognising it is even easier. they post random comments on your levels like "H4H me." They're levels are marked by bad creativness. Some just say: Get trophies in 2 seconds! or, H4H. That pretty musch wraps this up. Be careful!