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Anti H4H... For more on this visit the H4H section. 60% of them of them are bullys... lots of them, nice. Who are they? Time to find out..

Anti H4HEdit

They are against H4H, a trophy cheating group. They upload mean photos and comments on H4h levels. They form groups against H4h... the nic type upload moderate photos with stickers with text like 'No H4H.' Most people in the H4H war get involved with them. One of the most notable Anti H4H group that is one of the bullys are the 'H4H Bounty Hunters.' It is lead by leejk30 (shadow_man100) who seems to have no clear action plan to stop/reduce H4H despite running one of the most prolific Anti-H4H groups. he is not part of Wiki. Other information is unknown.

Recognising Anti H4H in the communityEdit

Recognising Anti H4H is easy. they normaly delete H4H comments and put "NO H4H!!!" above them. You'll figure it out once you see H4H levels.

Anti-H4H TacticsEdit

Most anti-H4Hers resort to spamming (repeatedly posting mean/anti-H4H comments and/or photos to H4Hing levels. Other people have the insight to realise that this does not stop H4H, but simply makes for an aggressive (and not fun!) community. These people realise H4Hers generally H4H because they lack the creative skill to gain as many hearts as they would get H4Hing, and so the more insightful anti-H4Hers (other 'neutral' people adopt these tactics also) try to nurture H4Hers to make them better creators, meaning they no longer need to H4H because they make good levels now. Other anti-H4Hers advise H4Hers to stop H4Hing and try to make a 'proper' level, but do not take as pro-active an approach as the afore-mentioned Anti-H4Hers.